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My nine year old daughter wants to meet her father. Rightly or wrongly I choose to not carry on contact with him during my pregnancy. I still stand by my decision, and he certainly wasnt bothered at the time, as we had only been together for a couple of months. I never approached him for money or any support, and my parents still live at the same address I lived at then, so I know he has never tried to get in touch. I realise he may have more children now, and is probably married or settled down. I also realise he may well not want to know Tamsin, and I will have to deal with this if it arises, with regards to how I support my daughter through this. However, she wants to meet him, and her paternal family, which includes - to my knowledge - a grandmother and an uncle. If anyone can help me I can assure you I have everyones best interests at heart. Im not looking for any financial help, we are ok in those terms, and Im not trying to make waves. I love my daughter more than anything and simply want to help her trace her father. Thank you

Posted on: 10/06/2006

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