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searching for my mothers birth mother whose name was last known as Betty Cole,my mother was registered as Mary Cole d.o.b. 23.06.1940 last known address was The Old Horns .Aldershot road.Church Crookham. Hampshire. anyone who knows any information about any part of the family or descendents or any information about place where my mother was born ,we would be very grateful for.THE OLD HORNS might of been a public house which may have been demolishedI

Posted on: 21/05/2003 23:34:51

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Name: debra harrison

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Name: betty cole

Town: church crookham

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From Corinne Henderson

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Town: Church Crookham

The Old Horns is the oldest house in Church Crookham. Used to be a public house / staging inn for horse-drawn coaches on their way to London. It is situated opposite Redfields Garden Centre on Aldershot Road.

Reply posted on: 28/04/2010

From Julian Menzies

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I did know Betty Clarke late of the Old Horns Church Crookham - she is the Betty Cole you speak about Bill Coles sister - email me for more information