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Is your fathers name Steven Gordon Dean?

I am looking for my half brother, our fathers name is Steven Gordon Dean. my mums name is Janet (Surname Fisher at the time). The most i know is that when i was born my dad saw you for a little bit then lost contact, i think you might be about 20 or so now. i think he was working in a warehouse at the time.We were living in Pudsey just outside of Leeds. I dont know your first name as no one will tell me anything. Our dads mum is called Connie Dean, our dad also has sisters called Linda, Susan, Pamela and brothers called John and Michael.If this makes a difference our dad was quite a gambler, thats why him and my mum split up. My d.o.b is 29.10.1987. I hope you or anyone that knows you will see this as this situation has been getting me down for sometime, i dont know if your looking for our dad or not but i would really like to know you. I am currently 8 mnths pregnant, so you are going to be an uncle and this has spurred me on even more. You also have 3 other half sisters, Nicola, Caitlin and Paris. I do think of you as my brother and not just a half brother. my mobile is 07738463603.

Posted on: 16/06/2006

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