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John Fitton (birth name) born 02/02/1980

I am trying to find my adopted brother he was born 2nd January 1980 at Birch hill hospital in Rochdale, his mothers name was Jaquline Fitton.

I think he was taken to oldham if anybody has any info please contact me.

Posted on: 22/06/2006

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Name: Glynn Jones

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Town: Rochdale

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Name: John Fitton

Born: 1980

Reply posted on: 02/04/2008

From tony littlewood

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Town: oldham

I went to school with a girl in Oldham called Jaquline Fitton (not sure of the spelling of Jaquline) In 1980 she would have been about 30 years old. However I am assuming the mother you call by this name was probably married so Fitton would not have been her maiden name - so not the same person?