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Looking for Hilda Richardson (possibly) born approx 1943/44 although could have been registered as something different. Birth father was William (Bill) Alexander Richardson born in 1908, died 7th Feb 1962 in Gunthorpe Road, Leicester. Had a half brother called Leonard Paul Richardson aged 7 in 1962. If anyone has any details relating to Hilda please get in touch.

Posted on: 30/05/2003 22:06:19

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Name: Sam Chambers

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Name: Hilda Richardson (poss)

Town: Leicester

Reply posted on: 10/11/2009

From mark chambers

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Town: DeKalb,Il.

sorry i cant help with your search,but was curious if we might be related? i have been to england once but did not really have the oppurtunity to see much. I live about 1 hour east of chicago,please e-mail back. good luck with your search! i could ask my ant because we are part english and scottish etc.