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Hello, I am Carolyne, my pre-adopted name was Kim Pinkney and my mothers name was Sylvia. Born 4/11/69 at Guildford I was adopted at 6 weeks from Kingston County Court. I am 33 now and would like to find out more about my real mum.

Posted on: 31/05/2003 21:29:07

Poster Information:

Name: Carolyne Gill Gill

Looking For:

Name: Sylvia Pinkney

Town: New Haw, Surrey

Reply posted on: 06/12/2008

From paul hills

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Town: farnborough hants

hello sylv hope you are well give me a shout on 07969792007 or mail if you want to hear from me agin or catch up sometime hope to see you soon paul x

Reply posted on: 30/09/2006

From sylvia hession

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Town: Farnborough , Hants.

Hello Caroline,
this is quite a shock to me
my name is Sylvia Hession. I was Sylvia Pinkney.
I did have a baby on the same date and I called her Kim and due to circumstances i had no control over I had my baby adopted.I was only 16yrs at the time. my father insisted that my baby went up for adoption. back then you were under parental control until you were 21yrs.I am sure that I am your birth mother. If that is the case I would like to communicate further and let you know about your family.

I hope to hear from you very soon. This is more good fortune than i could ever wish for.

Sylvia Hession(nee Pinkney)

Reply posted on: 30/09/2006

From sylvia hession

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Town: Farnborough , Hants.

hello carolyne

This is Sylvia Hession (nee pinkney) again. If you want to get in touch
my email is phone number is 01252 663073. mobile 07868850007. I pray that you will want to use these numbers.


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Hi My name is Linda Pinkney and I beleive we are the only living Pinkneys in Gloucester.. I dont know of a relation called Sylvia, but I suppose it could be possible we may be related and if I can help find your Mum, please get in touch...

Linda Pinkney 17/09/1963