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I am looking for my natural father Anthony Edward Cowlin, born about 1940. When I was born he was living in Ashford, Mddx. Please reply if you recognise this name.

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Name: P Breckons

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Name: Anthony Edward Cowlin

Born: 1940

Town: Ashford

Reply posted on: 04/05/2007

From benson anthony

Born: 0

Town: lome

Dear Friend,

Anthony Edward Cowlin, is in africa for so many years now, and he is not ready to go back to his country. So his your father? I will help you about that if you want to come take him or you want me to bring him to you country.

My name is Mr chinedu Odanwa.

Contact me at my private email or Call me on my private number: +228 912 6687.