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I am the English daughter of an American Serviceman, and would so much like to meet my real father. His name is James Manero and he was an engineer with the US Air Force at Huntingdon, when I was born in 1970. My mother was a nurse at The Stoke Mandeville Hospital. I believe James came from Chicago. If anybody can help please click on that reply button.

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Name: S McPherson

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Name: James Manero

Born: 1970

Town: Chicago

Reply posted on: 26/04/2006

From James Manero

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Town: London

How weird! My name is James Manero and Im 23 and live in London. My name is from Cuba where my Dad is from. Ive traced some of my family tree and it goes all the way back from Cuba to Spain several generations ago.

Im not joking either about my name.

Reply posted on: 18/11/2005

From Steve Mondros

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Town: New Jersey

Hi,do you know his middle initial-approx age-Steve