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andrew allott

my father was a terrance allott, who i believe was a bus driver in grimsby, i was born in 1966 too maureen mavis allott {martin}my mother split up with my father not long after i was born but i believe i have a brother called andrew, maybe also one called adrien, i would really like too meet any body from my past

Posted on: 03/07/2006

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From derek Rodbard

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Mt father-in-law was called Terence Allott and lived in Grimsby where he worked for some time as a bus driver then went on to being a lorry driver. He was married to a woman named Margaret who has a son called Scott. Terry was previously married and had three children two boys called Andrew and Adrian and a daughter though I cannot remember her name.

If this is the Terry you are looking for he unfortunately passed away in 1997 in Grimsby after suffering a stroke. His wife Margaret still lives inthe town of Grimsby and I believe his son Andrew does also. I hope this information may be of some help.

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From Andrew Mumby

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Hi Glen I think your my brother i changed my surname has i lived with foster parents we all lived in wroxham ave in grimsby mark adrian yourself and me if you get this email me and we will talk