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my name is gerald mccauley. i am looking for my daughter mia mccauley. her mothers name is magda beresford . their last known place of residence is findhorn scotland, though they could have moved to the midlands area possibly hinckley way.

Posted on: 09/06/2003 21:21:23

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Name: gerald mccauley

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Name: mia mccauley

Town: findhorn

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Hello dad, this is very unexpected... I dont really know what to say which is pretty unusual for me. I dont know how long ago you put this message here, but I found it by accident. I regestered at Friends Reunited a long time ago and forgot about it, messing around at work today I remembered my password and logged in to find an old message from Chris... shocked I did a google search on your name (I never knew your full name, I only knew you as Gerry) and found this message.

Its been 20 years since Ive heard anything about you, the last think Magdi ever told me about you was that you were in prison for something, I dont know what but then she never talked about you much except to blame me for you staying with her for so long. The first thing in my mind is what do you want Why are you looking for me Why now after all these years Im not angry, but there are a lot of dark memorys of you in my mind and Im honestly not sure if I want this contact yet. I dont know were to start really...