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Looking for Margaret

I am Kara, Margarets daughter dob February 1951 and I have been looking for Margaret these past ten years and becoming increasingly despondent. Margaret lived at Shaftesbury Hotel, Monmouth St, London, WC2 in the 1950s. I believe she left about 1956/7 but certainly was there from end 1950 where she worked as head housekeeper. On my birth certificate her address was given as 33 Palliser Road, W14. Any information, however seemingly trivial or slight could well be of great significance to me so if anyone has any news, then do please contact me. My mothers dob is 11 June 1927.

Posted on: 09/07/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Judi Grossman

Born: 0

Town: Sutton Coldfield

Looking For:

Name: Margaret Mackenzie

Born: 1927

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