Message Posted By: Leigh-Anne Sellman

I am looking for my dad, Steve. He has a brother called Frank, and two children whom are twins, Sarah and Steve age 29. I have never known him, my Mum split with him b4 i was born. I hate to think that i will never know him, it breaks my heart, going through life not knowing a big part of yourself. If u r out there please get in touch.

Posted on: 12/06/2003 11:05:22

Poster Information:

Name: Leigh-Anne Sellman

Looking For:

Name: Steve Higgins

Town: Middlesbrough

Reply posted on: 21/12/2006

From frank higgins

Born: 0

Town: middlesbrough

Leighanne I saw your query on uk people finder. Its a bit out of date but if you still havent contacted your Dad,give me an email and Ill fill in all the blanks, love to hear from you, Uncle Frank.