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im trying to trace my brothers... hes roughly about 28 to 29 and has a younger brother called carl whose roughly about 26 to 27 they both llived in nottingham with there mother whose name is jill i do belive her maiden name was chambers and im under the inpression that she married again and my brothers took the name of her new husband ....anthony and carl share the same father as myself peter wilcox. i too do not have any contact with my natural father but long to reunite with my brothers i do belive we used to play together as very small children but unfortunately because my brothers left notts we lost contact...

Posted on: 14/06/2003 18:16:07

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Name: hayley chambers

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Name: anthony wilcox

Town: nottingham

Reply posted on: 10/01/2006


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I am working on a new TV show for the BBC. We are helping people trace missing family members and tracing their family roots.

If you are still looking, we could help you.

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Tim Collins