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It was with a lot of heart ache I gave you up for adoption in1967. Things were much different then, I hoped it would mean a better life for you. I have never forgotten you and hope you have been happy. I would never wish to dirupt your life in any way but would love to know about you.

Posted on: 15/06/2003 22:14:23

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Name: Margaret Bradley

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Name: Julia Mary Ferneley

Town: Bridport

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From Shelley English(nee Ferneley)

I came across your message while researching family history -Ferneley is a fairly uncommon name. My maiden name is Ferneley. My family migrated to Australia from the UK in 1962 so it is unlikely that we would know of Julia May - it is sad to lose a child regardless of the circumstances and I wish you well in your search. Good Luck and God Bless Regards Shelley English (nee Ferneley)