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George Stockum

I met George Stockum May 22nd 2006. He lived In Frederick Maryland, United States. He was born in United Kingdom. He had dual citizenship. We fell in love and our plans were to marry and spend the rest of our lives together. He was divorced. Had one daughter which died in an automobile accident and his parents also. He had a business trip planned before we met to Ghana Africa. He did go there. We talked everyday through Yahoo Messenger. Due to unfortunate cicumstances while there he got sick. He was taken to a hospital. Had surgery. We communicated through Yahoo Messenger while he was in the hospital. Our last conversation was on July 4th 2006. He was going back into surgery again. His last words to me was, I Love You and will talk to you after my surgery, please pray for me. I didnt hear anything for two days then received a email from a Doctor Boadu. He told me that George Stockum died during surgery. He reported it to foreign affairs and they did locate a next of kin in United Kingdom. The body was sent there for burial. My world has been devastrated by the lost of my beloved. Any information concerning this person would bring comfort to my heart.

Posted on: 21/07/2006

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