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George Stockum

I met George Stockum May 22nd 2006. He said in lived in Frederick City, Maryland United States. He was divorced. He had one daughter. She and his parents died in an automobile accident. He was an only child with no family remaining. He owned a business where he bought gold, silver, machinery ect... which he took over from his father. He was born in UK but lived in United States with dual citizenship. He have a trip business planned prior to our meeting to Ghana, Africa. We fell in love and our plans were to be married when he returned from Ghana. We talked everyday through Yahoo Messenger his ID was Mine is Unfortunately while he was in Ghana he lost his wallet and by going without food he got sick. He became conscience in a taxi and taken to a hospital. Due to no indentification on him accept a passport and my email address I was notified of his serious condition. He had surgery also for appendicitis. When he was better we continue to talk on Yahoo Messenger everyday. Our last conversation was on July 4th 2006. His last words to me was Babe I Love You and pray for me I promise I will talk to you after my surgery. The second surgery he said was for the removal of stitches. I did not hear from him for two days. On July 6th 2006 I received an email from a Doctor Boadu telling me that George died during surgery. My world has been devastated from that news. The doctor said he reported it to Foreign Affairs to locate his next of kin. Someone from Uk requested his body sent there for burial. Doctor Boadu said he was give that person information concerning me and hopefully they will be in contact. Nothing received yet. The loss of my beloved George Stockum is so painful and any information would be of great comfort. Sincerely Carolyn Cobbler

Posted on: 21/07/2006

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