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Margaret Buckley

I am searching for my fathers mother Margaret Buckley. My father was born in Southall on 15th March 1938 to a Margaret Buckley, no father. His name was Patrick Joseph Buckley, however it appears that he was illeagally adopted into a family with the surname Boore. he is now known as Patrick Joseph Boore. I assume she was a single mother. My dads parents took knowledge of his mother to the grave, i want to trace his family for him!!!!

Posted on: 22/07/2006

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Name: Sarah Boore

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Name: margaret Buckley

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Reply posted on: 05/08/2012

From Pamela Laflin

Town: Lairg

I believe you mean Southhall in London UK. We have just found my husbands mother by the same name, does he have anything with her signiture on such as adoption papers or letter, Buckley and Margaret are two common names But if you have any written evidence we could check it with what we have got. was she know by any other name or where about it Southhall did she live. Pamela