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Hi Im looking for my Father, can you help??

im 20 years old and have not seen my Father since i was 5. I think he lives in Peterborough?
He was once married to my Mum she came from Pewsey (Whiltshire).
I have one Brother Ricky, Andres (Andy) Son also a half Sister called Sarah also his Daughter, she has never seen him either, I think i have another half sister called Karen she was left for adoption - If i can find my sisters ive never even heard of before why cant i find him??
I have two uncles... I think, one is called Lawrence, I think the other is Simon.
He was born in Germany, I think he like my grandad he was in the army for a short while?
I know he goes to Pewsey Carnival every year but ive still not seen him!!
Please if you have any information get in contact. My email address is

Posted on: 30/07/2006

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Name: Christina Eyles

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Town: Melksham

Looking For:

Name: Andre Eyles

Born: 1951

Reply posted on: 21/02/2008

From darren eyles

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Town: pewsey

hi Christina, just read your message about finding your father Andre.Im his brother Darren.If you would like to contact me please email me at