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Was you on holiday in Callas de Mallorca between 07/06/03 and 21/06/03 staying at the hotel Sol Chahauhaus next to Sol Balmoral? You was there with some friends called Lynette and Anne? If this is you, you will remember that amazing Friday night we spent together after we left Tiffanys Bar, the problem is that we said we would keep in touch but we forgot to exchange numbers.... The next 5 days of my hol was spent with the hope that I would bump into you as I could not find you anywhere around the hotel pools. If your out there, some where in Glasgow then please please get in touch babe - I`d really liker to hear from you again.... Pete xxxxxxxx

Posted on: 28/06/2003 15:45:23

Poster Information:

Name: Peter Harvey

Looking For:

Name: Laura ***

Town: Glasgow

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