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Anne Molloy

I am trying to trace my mothers first cousin she was bornsomewhere before 1941. Her father John Joseph Molloy was lost at sea as he was with the british navy and his ship was torpediod in june 1940 he was aged 34yrs he was from fetherd on sea co wexford Ireland. Ann was an only child and after her death her mother whos name im not sure remarried again. This is all the information that I have. john joe was a catholic and was married in a catholic church in Wales. My mother would really like to find her her name is Cathleen and she would really love to meet her or her children or grandchildren if she is not alive. I really hope you can help me. Thanking you Nora Ffrench P.S. I was very greatful a few years ago you made contact with my cousin Paul Stockwell whom I had only met once 33yrs ago. I hope things work out as well this time.

Posted on: 01/08/2006

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