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I am currently searching for my biological father he was last seen in Hartlepool where he was dating my mother. My name is Claire Louise brennan Born 27th September 1978. My mothers name is Beverley brennan. I know that my father knows about me but i have been travelling the world most of my young life. the last i heard he is married to a women by the name of Sarah Mclelland and has 3 children 2 boys and a girl by the name of laura who is a couple of years senior to me. if anybody knows of his whereabouts please send me a reply. its very important that he knows i am looking for him.

Posted on: 30/06/2003 01:53:59

Poster Information:

Name: claire brennan

Looking For:

Name: William Mclelland

Town: Fife Kirkaldy

Reply posted on: 06/06/2014 00:18:32

From eve darily

Town: stugart

hello claire, i think i know the person you are looking for. my email is
get in touch asap.

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