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I am looking for my mother who i lost contact with at 3 months old. i do not know my mothers date of birth but i know she is in appox mid fourties. I was told that she was working at a hospital as a nurse or a midwife, but i am unsure whether this is true, i went to the hospital but noone by that name worked there. My mother was born in hammersmith/fulham i do not have her date of birth on my birth certificatre but i was born in 1981 at all saints hopsital in chatham, her middle name is anne and i am told by my fathers side she has relatives that live in the chatham, gillingham area. There is also another dress on my birth certificate down as my fathers address which is brabatine avenue in gillingham, kent i know that at some point they did live tpgerther and the address of 45 kingswood road, was my granddads on my dads side.

Posted on: 02/08/2006

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