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Ruth Irene Jones

My Name is Dr. Lynn Macmillan. I am trying to trace my birth mother and any siblings - my birth mother was Ruth Irene Levett from St Austell Cornwall. She then went on to marry several times, last know name Ruth Jones and have several more children. I was born in St Austell Cornwall on 11/09/67 and given up for adoption in April 1968 - I was adopted Lynn Mary Avery (Penryn Cornwall) my natural fathers name was Laurence (from either Bodmin or Lothwithial)he died, married with two daughters, in 1980 age 30 from a brain haemorrage caused by a congenital aneurysm (I also inherited it) If anyone does read this - I live overseas and have no express desire to meet any memebers of my biological family, but photographs and letters would be a great way to fnd out and see what I look like etc. And maybe things could evlove from there.

Posted on: 08/08/2006

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