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Ruth Irene Jones

My Name is Dr. Lynn Macmillan. I am trying to trace my birth mother and any siblings - my birth mother was Ruth Irene Levett from St Austell Cornwall. She then went on to marry several times, last know name Ruth Jones and have several more children. I was born in St Austell Cornwall on 11/09/67 and given up for adoption in April 1968 - I was adopted Lynn Mary Avery (Penryn Cornwall) my natural fathers name was Laurence (from either Bodmin or Lothwithial)he died, married with two daughters, in 1980 age 30 from a brain haemorrage caused by a congenital aneurysm (I also inherited it) If anyone does read this - I live overseas and have no express desire to meet any memebers of my biological family, but photographs and letters would be a great way to fnd out and see what I look like etc. And maybe things could evlove from there.

Posted on: 08/08/2006

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From Steven Meakin

Town: Aldridge

Hi Lynn
We are trying to track down moms cousin Pauline Avery from Cornwall. Mom passed away last week and one thing she always wanted to know was where Pauline is. Paulines mum Kit Simpson lived in Penryn, I have fond memories of visiting her.
If this is you, perhaps you could give me any details.
Steve Meakin