Message Posted By: Edward Devlin

I am looking for Stephen Anderson. He was fostered by our family during the years of 1980 - 1982 he will be about 33/34 now. He was heavily involved with horse racing as a jockey. I would be grateful for any information

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Name: Edward Devlin

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Name: Stephen Anderson

Born: 1967

Town: Unknown

Reply posted on: 08/11/2008

From stephen anderson

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Town: Kildare

this is me edward i dont know how long this has been up here but you can email me

Reply posted on: 23/08/2006

From Allie-del Moore

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Town: Oxford

Hello dont know if i can help but i have a brother who is a jockey, im in contact with him. i didnt know him till he was 14-15 and never lived with him as he was in care. Stephen is about 40 now i think.
Allie-del Moore
nee Anderson