Message Posted By: Tim Gunns

I am looking for my birth mother, MURIEL EILEEN WILLIAMS. I was born JOHN FREDERICK WILLIAMS in Chelmsford England on August 27, 1950.My name is now Tim and living in the Los Angeles area. Please contact if you have any information.

Posted on: 06/07/2003 00:29:43

Poster Information:

Name: Tim Gunns

Looking For:

Name: Muriel Eileen Williams

Town: Chelmsford

Reply posted on: 13/05/2017 09:44:36

From Joyce Hui

Town: Woore

Im looking for someone called Federick William Perry who once worked in HK from Uk and moved to Australia with his wife and children. Do you know him? He would have been at least 90+ years old if he is still alive....