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searching for DAVIES in SHREWSBURY/Shropshire/WEST YORKSHIRE


Hi there are you any relation to RICHARD JOHN DAVIES BORN 20th JUNE 1950 in Shrewsbury or know him? He was known as JOHN.

He used to be a Hotel Porter, paper seller in Shrewsbury and a builder. He died I believe around 7th April 2004 in Leeds/Yorkshire.

He was married to my birth mum Lynda Sharp in 26th JULY 1980 she was born JANUARY 1960 Nr Leicester and they had myself SAMANTHA DAVIES I was born 4th FEBRUARY 1981 and my brother JONATHAN MARK DAVIES was born24th Feb 1983 both at Royal Shrewsbury Maternity Hospital. Myself n my brother are adopted separately. I am in contact with my brother!

I am looking for my half Sister JOANNE or JOANNA DAVIES who is in her late 20s or possibly early 30s - she was from my birth fathers 1ST marriage/partner to CAROLYN or CAROLINE! Not sure on the spelling. Unfortunately this is all I know - so its not much info at all - also seeing if I have any other relatives too especially siblings.

He was last living in Shropshire/Shrewsbury but apparently moved on to Oswestry n I guess to West Yorkshire, he obviously moved about alot. I know he had two other children after Jonathan n myself who are also adopted called KAREN n SIAN and their birth mother was called I believe ANN-MARIE HUMPHRIES. I have found these two girls.

I believe his latest wife was called GLENDA MAUREEN DAVIES who lived in West Yorkshire they both did.

HIS FATHER was called HENRY NORMAN DAVIES but had died before 1980 not sure when (he worked as a Bailiff and a farm worker not sure of anything else)

HIS MOTHER was called MURIEL JOAN DAVIES maiden name was FILDES
HE had a BROTHER called ROY DAVIES who had a partner called FREDA or possibly was his wife.

HE had a SISTER MARGARET who had 2 or 3 children and she may had a partner or married to a DON maybe, but not 100%

The mother Muriel I believe had a partner or even married maybe a Tom!

Please if you know anything please help me! As this means so much to me

I would be most grateful if you can get in contact with me as soon as poss!
Thank you

Posted on: 12/08/2006

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