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I am trying to find this person for his mother that is distraught, especially after all these years of not having contact with him. Apparently she has asked for private detectives to help in searching for him but they have not come up with anything productive. Her son was a quiet chap that kept himself to himself and travelled to work in London as a security guard (i am advised). He was due to start a new job on July 29th 1998 and the only information that can be remembered was P238 Central London. He caught the train on this date from Fleet at 12 oclock and has never been seen since. Apparently his security guard work was usually through an agency but this time it wasnt. His mother says that she has no reason to believe that he was unhappy, never abused alcohol or drugs and led a quiet life, keeping himself to himself. I do have further personal details that I would prefer not to give over a public forum for security reasons i.e. National Insurance Number, National Health Number, birth town and other addresses that he has previously lived at. She also has reason to believe that her son is still alive as some kind of pension plan or savings account in his name has received deposits in the last couple of years, something that had stopped when he went missing. I would think I can get a photograph of him for reference if required. This lady is desperate to find out if her son is still alive and OK. It would be great if he was to contact her but she would respect his wishes if he didnt want to for whatever reason. If anyone can help in the search please dont hesitate to contact me, it would make an old lady a very happy one. Thanks in advance, Kev

Posted on: 13/08/2006

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