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My name is Vera Edwina Green (nee Capes) I am searching for my two step brothers Clifford and Leslie Capes. Our father was Frank Capes (my step father) and mother Vera Evelyn Capes (the boys step mother) Frank was married previously but I do not have any information with regard to this. Dads mother lived in Church nr Accrington Lancs. and dad had a brother called Percy. My first memories of the boys was in a house that we called "the dirty house" due to the flags (pavers on the floor) and the old firplace with the oven and hot water contained within it. The house had only gas lights in it. I am unsure as to the exact location of this home, but it may have been Burnley Lancs.The boys may remember my mums brother called Wilfred. There is a large gap of time till around 1956/57. Clifford may remember our brother Stuart who would have been four or five years of age when he last saw us at 94 Howard Road Mansfield Notts. I do not think Leslie ever came to this address. I estimate that Clifford would be around 66 years and Leslie 70 years now. My step brothers knew me as Edwina. My last known memories was that dad stated that he enlisted them into the army again around 1956/7. I do not know if this is correct. Both our parents are deceased. Dad was killed in a car accident in 1983 and mum died in 1989. There is a photo of Clifford with mum taken at the back of the house in Howard Rd Mansfield. It is the only one I have. When I learn how to use the scanner I will attach this to my message as soon as possible.

Posted on: 08/07/2003 04:43:38

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Name: Vera Edwina Green

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Name: Leslie and Clifford Capes

Town: Mansfield Notts

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