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I am trying to find my father, I have not seen him for 21 years and would love to know if he is ok and if he wants to get in touch I would love to hear from him if you know of a Mike Lakner originally from Hungary please get in touch. Thankyou

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Name: Gizella Lakner

Looking For:

Name: Mihaly(mike) Lakner

Born: 1977

Town: Not Known

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hi my name is mike lakner i currently live in elkhart indiana please reply to my eamil ASAP

Reply posted on: 10/08/2004

From Gizella Lakner

Born: 1977

Hi this is Gizella, sorry for the long delay in replying, I have recently moved home and not been able to log on for a long while. Please reply my e-mail is I will look forward to hearing from you :-)