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looking for father, Len Bell, was in NZ, my mothers name Margaret. LAst seen in 1967 when he visited brick house next to Marae. Worked for a shipping company.

Posted on: 13/07/2003 08:25:20

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Name: Trish Allen

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Name: len bell

Town: wellington

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Dear Lily, This is Honey here. Mikey is living with us in Okinawa, Japan. Seeing as I knew your dad when I was living in Singapore and later when I lived in the Philippines and also when I was in New York, I was interested in getting in touch with him again. Last I had heard from him he had remarried a beautiful European lady (blonde)who was maybe an Olympic swimmer I tried calling all the Len Bells I could when I was in the States a few months ago, but wasnt able to find him. If you have been able to contact him, please let me know. Thanks so much. Love, Honey