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Maureen Tiplady

Searching for birth mother. Maureen Osborne who lived at 24 keynes Road cambridge. iIwas born on 25th September 1959 at Cambridge maternity Hospital and adopted officially in March 1960. My name at birth was Marina Osborne, I think Maureen may have gone on to marry a Dennis Tiplady in 1960.

Posted on: 19/08/2006

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Name: Jane Bryant

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Town: unknown

Reply posted on: 11/03/2009

From david tiplady

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Jane, i realise you posted this message three years ago but i have just come across it. My name is David and i think the Maureen Osborne you are looking for could be my mother.
E-mail me if you want to discuss things further. Kind regards David Tiplady

Reply posted on: 26/04/2009

From Jane Bryant

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Hi David,

I would love to talk more with you to find out if your mother is the Maureen I am looking for.

It doesnt show your email on here so Im not sure how to contact you other than this.

I have an email address thats full of spam so I dont mind posting it here: jane_2509 (at)

Kind Regards,


Reply posted on: 27/04/2009

From Jane Bryant

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Town: Woburn Sands

David, I have also given you my new email address. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Jane