Message Posted By: jacci hunt nee martindale

am looking 4 david martindale this is his sister jacci hunt nee martindale

i wrote the other message 4 you but read it wrong an put lerwick instead of st albans in ive found this realy exciting and worrying that this could be another dead end 4 me but i think my brother is on hear already but it was 3 years ago so fingers crossed that he will see this i just have a funny feeling that when i read his message i knew it was him i dont know why i think that but i do david read both of them and get in contact with me soon thanks agian jacci

Posted on: 22/08/2006

Poster Information:

Name: jacci hunt nee martindale

Born: 0

Town: st albans

Looking For:

Name: david Martindale

Born: 1964

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