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My previous message was seeking Wilhelmina Adams which I now realise was the wrong name. I am looking for my birth mother Mary Ramage or any of her family. I was born Mary Adams February 1955 in the Portsmouth area of England and soon after put into foster care with dr. Barnardos. I was bought up in Ipswich, England until 1970 when I moved to Manchester, England. In 1989 I immigrated to Australia with my husband and 2 children now aged 19 & 14. I had contact with my mother briefly in 1976 when I found out she had 7 other children [my 1/2 brothers & sisters]. I would love to hear from any family member or anyone who may be able to help me find them. Thank you from Mary.

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Name: mary cooper

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Name: Mary Ramage

Born: 1955

Town: Portsmouth

Reply posted on: 23/01/2017 15:17:36

From Michael Adams

Town: Bicester

Hello Mary Cooper (Adams)
I am writing because I am pretty sure we are related and your mother and mine are the same.
I would rather have this conversation by other means so if you get this message I would like to hear from you

Michael Adams probably youre older brother born 1950

Reply posted on: 17/12/2006

From sharon pohmajevich-menzie(s)

Born: 0

Town: magalia, ca

My grandfather was John Daniel Menzie, born 1897 in Glasgow, Scotland (possibly Kirkaldy). Possibly a Quarriers Boy (Canada). Served WWI w/Canadian Railway Exped. Force and listed Marion Menzie as his sister on his attestation paper. Believe his parents are possibly John Menzie and Margaret Ramage. My grandfather believed he also had a brother, Tom. My grandfather came to the U.S. and married my grandmother, Pearl Beatrice Davis. He then went by Daniel John Menzie(s). My contact person is Janette Beattie in Australia. Believe we are related on the Menzie side. Any help/relation?

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I read with interest your message searching for your birth mother.
i have just placed a message on this website seeking any information I can find about my late fathers natural parents.
My father was adopted by Adam Mary Menzies in 1920 and my grandmothers name was Mary Ramage born 1881. Her parents name were James and Mary. I dont have much information in relation to the family. My grandfathers brother John married Margaret Ramage
(2 brothers married 2 sisters)
See my ad on this site under Menzies Adam.

Dont know if there would be any connection to your family but I wish you well in your search and hope you can find your mum


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