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searching for birth father

Do you know of this man did you live in north london in 1973 he would of been aged 16 at that time .i am desperatley searching this man whom is my father I know he met my mum when they were very young. And when his family heard of the pregnancy they felt it best to move away sadly my mother passed away in 1997 before i had chance to meet her so i am writting this message hoping it will reach you I am your daughter i have had a good life and feel no malice towards you only a longing to place my eyes upon you and to put conclusion in my life i have two beautiful children and a partner of 12 years we have time in our lives if you feel you have time in yours to get to know me that would be blessed if you are he or if you know keith by any chance please do a blessed thing today and pass on this message.

Posted on: 28/08/2006

Poster Information:

Name: samantha collier

Born: 0

Town: north woolwich

Looking For:

Name: keith william steart

Born: 1956

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