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Im appealing to anyone who knows the whereabouts of Joanne Dolan, who was made redundant from CPL Communications in Harle Syke, Briercliffe on 27/09/2005. She was slim, about 5ft2 tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was last known living with Angela in Accrington. She has one son, Simmion who doesnt live with her. She drove a red Rover Metro in 2005 although she is likely to drive a different car (badly!!) now. If you know Joanne, where she lives or her telephone number, PLEASE get in touch or leave a message. It is a matter of immediate importance and I will be eternally gratefull to anyone who can help me. Thankyou. If you are reading this Joanne, get in touch - you have been waiting for this.

Posted on: 08/09/2006

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Name: Carley Poole

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Town: Nelson

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Name: Joanne Dolan

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