Message Posted By: Bernard Beeks

Searching for Rita Mae Therese Humes/Ormsby/Ashley

Looking For Rita Humes/Ormsby/Ashley from Belize. Rita may be in Wales, elsewhere in the UK or in the US. Have not been seen or heard from in over 30 years. She has a son and grandson in Belize waitng to see her.

Posted on: 12/09/2006

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Name: Bernard Beeks

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Town: Orange County

Looking For:

Name: Rita Mae Humes

Born: 1950

Reply posted on: 19/03/2015 16:42:40

From jessica servais

Town: bridgeton

Hi my name us Jessica..I live in the United States and Me. Rita is a very dear friend of mine..she says Bernard is her eldest brother..and is in tears right now..please contact me..

Reply posted on: 13/11/2007

From Charley W

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Town: Melbourne

Mr. Beeks,
I came across your post after searching missing person Rita. I saw a photo of an unidentified deceased person in Brevard Co FL, got the name Rita and she is thought to have been born between 1945-1955, 56. I hope that this is not the women you are searching for and that you find Rita safe and well. I felt compelled to post the link for you to look to see if it is her though just in case. Scroll about 1/2 way down the page for the unidentified woman photo that begins > Unsolved Homicide On December 16, 1985...