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Missing father

The person I seek is Brian Bernett of Burnett. He served in the Army in Germany, namely Munster.
He met my mum early 60s and made her pregnant.
However, he fled before I was born in 1962, so I never met him. Thusfar all I could find out his name (not even sure of the spelling) and the fact that at the time het was married already and hat 2 children. That means that I have either 2 halfbrothers, half sisters or one of each. I am really curious to meet thoste people, also my dad, if still alive.

My mum died december 2000 without ever wanting to speak about him, so one may understand that I am quit curious.

Any reaction please send to my email.

Posted on: 17/09/2006

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Name: Paul Koezen

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Town: hengelo

Looking For:

Name: Brian Bernett

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