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Patricia Elaine Almey

From what i know she was born in 1939 to James and Mary Agnes maybe Agnes Mary Almey. She had six children with her marriage to one John Price Their names are Helen, John, Susan, David, Andrew and Heather. Her husband and children last had contact with her in 1972.

Posted on: 20/09/2006

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From ashley dutton

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Hi, dont know if youll get this message or not, seems about 9 months since you last posted. Let me introduce myself. Ashley Dutton, born Price. Im your uncle Davids son, so that makes me your cousin.

I was briefly in touch with your mum a few years back, but lost touch. I assume were both trying to find our Grandmother. TBH I dont even know Grandad (dont think him and Dad quite saw eye to eye, so Im not sure what his opinion of me is). Maybe we could combine forces. Im quite good at this tracing family history stuff, got my maternal family back to the early 1800s.

either way itd be nice to be in touch. I dont know ANY of my family on Dads side except a few text messages to your mum and once bumping into grandad in Leicester.

Ive got some basic info on Grandma. She was born in Leicester in February 1939 and her mothers maiden name is Riley.

Get in touch anyway.

email me at