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Margaret Mackenzie - Kara Mackenzie

Still seeking Margaret Mackenzie who lived and worked at the Shaftesbury Hotel, Monmouth Street, WC2 in the 50s for about 6 years. Lily Ettel remembers you. Does anyone else remember you. Colin Tutt (manager) was friendly with you. Have you emigrated? I have been looking these past 10 years and still no joy. Margaret, you have a family waiting towelcome you. My twin daughters, one of whom is called Kara, would love to know their grandmother. We do not wish to disrupt your life but anything at all would be wonderful, just a letter or a call. We hope that you had a good life. Kara

Posted on: 21/09/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Judi Grossman

Born: 0

Town: Sutton Coldfield

Looking For:

Name: Margaret mackenzie

Born: 1927

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