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looking for brain porter who was a regular visitor to brighton in the early 1960s from the east end of london

Posted on: 06/08/2003 15:27:13

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Name: clive belton

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Name: brain porter

Town: london

Reply posted on: 01/12/2005

From Stephen Henley

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Town: Matlock

Afraid I have no information about Brian Porter.

However, I am myself looking for any descendants of Raymond H Belton (born about 1905) or other members of his family (Emma born 1896, Mildred born 1899, Leslie born 1897). Raymond and Leslie Belton were both writers. I have discovered that Leslie Belton died in 1949 and his only child Maurice died in action in 1945. What I want to do is to trace some paintings and a diary relating to a common ancestor, William Vine, who as a miller in Brighton in the early 19th century. Would appreciate any information ! Regards - Steve Henley (