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hi i wonder if anyone can help throw any light on any of the following: elm avenue, thongsbridge- a family friend, whom im trying to trace, was living at 57 elm avenue during 1946. i recently visited there to find that part of the street no longer exists. does anyone know when the street was built, whether the numbers went that high and when any buildings/part of the street may have been destroyed? horncastle family- can anyone remember anything about the horncastle family who lived at this address? i believe mr horncastle may have been a vicar or curate in the area. he had a daughter, margaret horncastle, who was a private in the ats during ww2 and had also been working as a manufacturers clerk in a local wool mill. if anyone has any information about margaret id be grateful of an e-mail e.g. what she did in the ats, where she went after the war, whether she married and where she may have moved to. Could anyone with information please mail me at Many thanks in advance. ken

Posted on: 28/09/2006

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