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Eileen nee Tooke

My name is Sheila Clipston nee Tooke I am looking for my cousins Eileen, Marion,and David Tooke married names not known Eileen & Marions father was Albert Tooke mother Eva. They also had another daughter Jean who I believe has died. David had a brother Michael father called Norman & mother called Joyce There was another brother Victor & Jeffery and my father was called Stephen who was killed in the war. Our Granfather was called Thomas George Tooke and his wife was Drusilla Ellen. He also had a second wife name unknown and they went to Canada in1947 48 49. I really know nothing about my family and would really like to know if I have some relatives, so I can start and research my family. My father was born in Marylebone and grandfather was a hairdresser in London. Whether his first wife died or not I do not know if that was his reason for marrying again? Please is there any relative of the people mentioned or the people them selves. My cousins would be between the ages of 64 -74?

Posted on: 30/09/2006

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Name: Sheila Drusilla Clipston nee Tooke

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Reply posted on: 14/01/2015 20:01:00

From Jenny Osborne

Town: Surrey

Hello Sheila.Although your message was posted in 2006 I have only found your message.Ref:- Thomas George Tooke B 1883, he was the brother of my husbands Grandmother Fanny Elizabeth Tooke.I have some other family members of the Tooke family if you are interested???
Regards Jenny.

Reply posted on: 14/01/2015 21:08:46

From Sheila Clipston

Town: Kettering

Thanks for getting in touch. Yes Fanny Tooke was my Grandfathers sister. I understand their was a younger brother James. As far as I know I have no Tooke relatives. I would love you to get in touch. This is the first reply I have had after all these years. This is my telephone number 01933623219
I do hope Imhear from you.
Regards Sheila

Reply posted on: 24/01/2015 16:05:23

From Sheila Clipston

Town: kettering Northants

Hi Jenny
I do hope I hear from you as I was so pleased to have received your message after such a long time. I would love to hear from or meet some of the Tooke family. Please get in touch again.
Regards Shrila