Message Posted By: Angela Cashen

I am searching for my birth mother Ann(e) minter. I was born 27th May 1969 in Farnborough Hartley Witney at a place called the Haven. I was adopted by my wonderful parents in august 1969 and moved to Wirral.

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Name: Angela Cashen

Looking For:

Name: Ann(e) Minter

Born: 1969

Town: Farnborough

Reply posted on: 04/08/2009

From Penny Green

Born: 0

Town: Dunstable

I was born at The Haven in Yately and have just setup a Facebook group for people born there or those looking for them. It is a closed group so you have to apply to join, but if you are interested please visit

Reply posted on: 10/05/2010

From Victoria Minter

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Town: Newcastle Upon Tyne

I am looking for an older half sister who my Mum had adopted sometime before I was born in 1978. I would really like to contact her and perhaps get to know her. Unfortunately due to circumstance I dont know what shes called.

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My mothers name is Anne Minter. I found out I have an older sister somewhere...coincidence???