Message Posted By: John Bibby

I am trying to contact Margaret Rosetta Townsend, who was born in West Ham, in east London, in 1937. (Of course she may now be married, Townsend is her maiden name.)

Posted on: 09/08/2003 20:02:53

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Name: John Bibby

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Name: Margaret Rosetta Townsend

Town: London - Greenwich

Reply posted on: 26/04/2007

From jenna dicker

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Town: wigton

i apologise as i know you have a search of your own, however i was wondering if you new annyone by the name of leslie bibby. as it is my boyfriends grandad. he is trying to find him as his father sadly passed away a pear ago and want to know the other side of his family. if you can help in anyway i would be grateful. my email. thank you for your time