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I am looking for my dad Nigel Smith. I am Louise Smith and my sister Emma Smith. I was born 14/13/1981 and Emaa was born 30/12/1979. we last saw him about 15/16 years ago and really want him to get in touch. we want to start a fresh all water under the bridge. hope that you or someone who knows him will get in touch. he has 4 other children 2 girls and 2 boys which we would love to meet.

Poster Information:

Name: louise smith

Looking For:

Name: nigel smith

Born: 1980

Town: Not Known

Reply posted on: 12/11/2008

From john stent

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Town: yeovil

hi ya louise are you from yeovil somerset if so i may be able to help you or you could help me!!!! im looking for a philip smith but he had a brother called nigel!

Reply posted on: 14/06/2007

From dorothy laker

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Town: Twickenham

Louise, was your grand mother kathleen margaret?
was your mothers name ruth?

trying to find a Louise Smith, my sister

thank you for your time