Message Posted By: kelly wooden

if anyone has any knowledge of my daughters dad plz reply to me staright away

Posted on: 14/08/2003 15:31:24

Poster Information:

Name: kelly wooden

Looking For:

Name: cevat durmush

Town: westgate and ramsgate

Reply posted on: 30/01/2010

From yasemine wooden

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Town: essex

Hiya .. . . i am the daughter who wants to find my dad! and is ur surename sey ? ? where cud we find him ?

Reply posted on: 28/05/2010

From suzy s

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Town: melbourne

i think you might be looking for my mums brother. he lives in london now.. are you on facebook?

Reply posted on: 27/03/2009

From Sarah S

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Town: london

Are u still looking for this person ( cevat durmush)?
If you are, i can maybe help u find him....