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Angie Hill

Searching for Angie Hill, born in Conventry 1960 to Greta and Tom Hill. Moved to Canada in approximately 1968 and returned to the UK in 1977. Mother remarried upon return to UK (possibly a Tony Woodward?). Has an older brother Tim (47-48yrs) residing somewhere in Canada and a younger brother Andrew who was living in Coventry in 1983 (40??). Resided on Woodland Rd from 1978 to at least 1983. Married possibly to Mark Orton approximately 1978. A daughter was born 2 October 1977 and placed for private adoption at Grace Hospital, Toronto ON Canada. Possibly remarried after 1984. Possibly residing in or around Hinckley / Coventry, Leicester areas. Daughter and birth father seeking any information.

Posted on: 09/10/2006

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Name: Joseph Jenkins

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Name: Angie Hill

Born: 1960

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