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Startin Glynis
Hazel Johnston 1930

Hi I was born in Kendal in 1952 to mum Hazel Johnston. I was adopted in 1973 with the Liverpool Adoption Society and my parents were Hilda and David Edwards.
They changed my name to Glynis Brenda Johnston. I think my mum if alive will be in her early 80,s but would like to let her know that I am fine with 2 grown up sons.

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Alastair Johnstone
Pauline Burdell 1941

Hi Pauline, I often wonder how you are getting on. I would love to catch up and hear how the last 50 odd years have gone.I am retired now of course after 40 years in front of classes. Hoping to hear from you. Alastair

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Richard Edwards
Mandy Jones 1970

Hi! Im Richard I knew a Mandy Jones as a friend in Thornton Hough, Wirral long ago.

Contact me on 0032475798601 or e-mail


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Gerry Jarvis
Idras morgan Davies 1920

Im looking for information on Idras M. Davies. He was a young airman in 82 Squadron in WWII (graduated RAF Cranwell as a Boy Entrant, 1937) and had a very tough war. 82 Squadron flew against flak ships on the North Sea coast of Holland and later was dispatched to Malta, so they did everything the hard way in the early war years.

By a remarkable series of events, a friend, Chris Parkes (originally of Cardiff) came into the possession of Idras wartime diary, which was found in a nightstand in Chris Mums Cardiff home when Chris returned home to settle her estate in about 1992. Idras had dated Chris elder sister at some point during the mid-war years. The diary was repatriated to RAF Cranwell, and thanks to the dedication of a librarian there, to Linda Diane Stevens, née Davies, Idras daughter, who had known nothing of her dad. Idras appears to have been badly stricken by survivors guilt and PTSD when his regular crew were killed while attacking a flak ship off the Dutch Coast, and appears to have needed care for some time to regain a grip on life.

Its a fascinating story... both Idras own narrative, and the larger story of the diary and how it came home from Western Canada, where I live. I would like to acquire any information extant on Idras, and also to ask Ms. Stevens for permission to research him further with the aim of writing a book on Idras for posterity.

Idras appears to have been a sensitive, likeable kid, the sort youd gladly fly with or like to have living in your neighbourhood. Its no fault of his that the strain of operational flying gradually overwhelmed him.

I would be most grateful for any information on either Idras or daughter Linda D. Stevens (last known address Harrogate, Yorks). In addition, any advice on registries, extended family or workplace would be welcomed, as at this stage there are far more questions than answers.

Thank you very much in advance. - Gerry Jarvis

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Dawn Walker
Unknown Jennings/williams 1935

I was born Lloyd Jennings in 1967 in Sefton South

My mother had me adopted. I believe that I have two sisters who were aged 10 and 12 years

Shortly after my birth my Bm moved to New Brighton

My bm was Miss Williams who married a Mr Jennings in Liverpool

I believe that both my sisters are married and living in the Wallasey area of Liverpool

If you think you know my Bm or sisters can you please send a message

All help is appreciated

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James Jackson
David Jackson 1940

Am searching for my half brother, David, who went to school at Middle Street Junior in Brighton.

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Samantha Johnson
Peter Hussain 1950

Im looking for my father peter mumtaz hussain. He had a stocking shop on Anlaby road in Hull in 1973 possibly called the shaffi brothers . His brother or freind shamsuddin shaffi was with him at this time I think? This is all the info I have . Thank you

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Chris Jones
Samantha c Jones 1969

Hi I am looking for Sarah and Samantha both were born in Hereford Hospital in 1969 and 1971 Their birth name was Jones but I believe it was change in the mid seventies Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Suzanne Morris(nee)
Anthony Jefferies (nee) 1975

Looking for my younger brother anthony, last seen in bournemouth

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Tina James
Geoffrey/jeffrey Betty 1960

Last saw this lovely man in the early eighties. He was a tall hairdresser with fair hair. He was my best friend for a while, then we lost touch. He has a sister called Ann(l think). He lived on Zion Hill/Rd, Kidderminster, Worcestershire. I think they kept a goat/s in their garden. We used to go to the pub on Comberton Hill.Kidderminster. Bill & Nuela where the landlords. I would love to know what hes doing & where he is. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thanks

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Gillian Johnson
Barbara ann Jackson 1949

My name is Gilly, I was adopted in 1969 my date of birth is 10/05/1969 searching for my biological Mother who gave birth to me in Louth, Lincolnshire hospital Mothers name Barbara Ann Jackson at time of birth she was a Student and lived at 38 Harrow Street Grantham. Would love to find a bit more family history and if anyone knows any information it would be greatfully received. Thank you in advance, heres hoping. Xx :-)

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