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Samantha Laker
Stephen Young 1946

Im trying to aid my mother in tracking down her biological Father. His name was Stephen Young, born 1946. He married my grandmother Alexandria Geddes in 1966. They had two children, before Stephen remarried to a Margaret Griffith in Sept 1973.
My mother has never met him before and wed very much like to find him if hes still alive. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Caroline Heperi
Michael daniel (at birth) Yusuf 1984

Desperately looking for birth name... MICHAEL DANIEL YUSUF. born in Tunbridge Wells in September 1984. Our mother was Shanez (shani) Yusuf. You have me born in 1980 (adopted at 3) a brother born 1983 a sister born 1985 snd 2 more younger brothers. We must find you but we are sure your name was changed. We have found your original birth certificate but no documents since... we need you little bro. Things were not easy for our teen mum previous resident at Hollyshaw childrens home. You and i were adopted out and the other 4 stayed with our mum. We all look very similar and hope to find u soon. Our siblings remsin in Tunbridge Wells but im in Australia.

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